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Down Range is a page were you can submit comments, suggestions, ideas and photos to share with us or others that are visiting this website. This page works as a blog, so you can write in your entry “comment” at anytime for review & posting. If you wish to submit a photo with your comment, please send it to: and we'll get it posted right away. If you happen to be “Down Range” (deployed service member) and would like to post a photo of you and your Calico Forge Knife, you get first priority on this page! I look forward to your entries! Andy Franco...
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These are photos of the 2nd prototype: Mk40 ASAK (Aircrew Survival Aviation Knife)


The Mk Series knife project was built off a platform originated from the Mk40. Many knife designs and variations were built off this prototype and soon our tactical knife line was launched.

It took almost 1 year before the first tactical knife was developed and ready for market. Many thanks go out to the Idaho 183rd Apache Sqd. at Gowen Field for helping me with the development of the first military grade knife I made: The Mk40

I was eaten alive by millions of mosquito's during this field testing. After 3-4 months of heat treating method sequences (back at the...

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